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1492nd World and 59th New York ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 10 days ago.

Hi im Biscuit!! I’m a Boston terrier, Maltese and yorkie mix. I was abused as a baby until my furever family saved me. I love to run around in our large yard and play with my toys. I also love treats but I do great tricks to get them. My favorite things are cuddling, kissing and playing! I’m the bes...


Dog, Carnivore, Tints And Shades, Plant, Wood, Eyewear, Art, Visual Arts, Magenta, Carmine, Pattern, Dog breed, Companion dog, Linens, Fashion Accessory, Bag, Shadow
Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Couch, Companion dog, Felidae, Comfort, Snout, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Furry friends, Whiskers, Bone, Working Animal, Canidae, Dog Supply, Room, Linens, Paw, Non-sporting Group
Brown, Wood, Fawn, Felidae, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Companion dog, Tail, Hardwood, Cat, Dog breed, Whiskers, Comfort, Art, Domestic Short-haired Cat, Furry friends, Pattern, Linens, Human Leg, Paw
Couch, Comfort, Dog, Carnivore, Textile, Window, Felidae, Grey, Wood, Companion dog, Hardwood, Living Room, Bedroom, Studio Couch, Linens, Bedding, Dog breed, Small To Medium-sized Cats
Dog, Dog breed, Comfort, Carnivore, Interior Design, Window, Fawn, Companion dog, Couch, Tints And Shades, Working Animal, Room, Boston Terrier, Curtain, Houseplant, Living Room, Sitting, Picture Frame, Canidae


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