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Booger Jones

Mixed breed · Murfreesboro

320th World and 7th Tennessee ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 12 days ago.

Mez nam iz Booger jones. Iz Wuvs Uz Bunchers Pweas vote for Mez💕🙂Kizzes My baby was a rescue. He is the sweetest baby. He was a year old when I saved him and he also saved me. He is 15years old. He is my heart. He's my everything. Please vote for my Baby 🩵💙❤️💙🩵❤️



My profile
Booger J.
Booger J. This Baby is my heart ❤️
Booger J.
Booger J. This Baby is my heart 🩵💙🩵💙❤️
Mike L.
Mike L. Sweet Precious Baby 💙