15th World and 2nd Florida ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 20 days ago.
Prizes won: $200 + 400 votes
500 €

Julius is a sweetheart!! He loves to cuddle and make videos for TikTok! He loves to play and keep his big brother company. Please vote for this sweet boy!



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Deb H
Deb H Dilly
Stephanie D
Stephanie D Eden Bonjour je recherches des avances de votes a me faire sur mon concours qui commence mi-mai et a vous rendre sur un concours au mois de juin, juillet, aout, septembre, octobre novembre ou décembre (210 par concours), merci de me répondre si vous êtes intéressés. a bientôt Eden
Kristy S.
Kristy S. Let's go Julius!!! Please vote!!
Timothy D.
Timothy D. I been voting everyday for my buddy Julius I love him so much ❤️
Isabela A.
Isabela A. If anyone can donate 150 up to 1000 votes it would be very helpful! I will share your profile with everyone I know
Janae M.
Janae M. Hello would you like to do 10 a day exchange comment on my wall
Kristy S.
Kristy S. What do you mean by that? Im new her!!
Janae M.
Janae M. Exchange 10 votes a day I do 10 & you do 10 and I comment on your wall daily when I complete the 10 votes.
Isabela A.
Isabela A. Do you want to exchange
Kristy S.
Kristy S. What do you mean?
Isabela A.
Isabela A. Exchange votes
Isabela A.
Isabela A. Can my dog get up to top 50 by voting? I will share your profile with everyone I know if you help!
Peter V.
Peter V. I voted ❤️❤️
Timothy D.
Timothy D. I'm definitely voting for my favorite boy 💙💙