Contest over
Stevie Nicks finished 4774th in the Dog’s contest which ended 17 days ago.

Stevie was rescued from a bad situation and is blossoming! She has such a great personality and all she wants to do is play and love me!


Wood, Dog, Tints And Shades, Leisure, Electric Blue, Magenta, Tree, Metal, Shadow, Fence, Fun, Pedestrian, Guard Dog
Sleeve, Smile, Gesture, Comfort, Happy, Personal Protective Equipment, Elbow, Child, Vehicle Door, Eyewear, Fun
Dog, Vehicle, Vroom Vroom, Hood, Dog breed, Carnivore, Automotive Design, Car, Vehicle Door, Collar, Working Animal, Automotive Exterior, Steering Wheel, Bumper, Snout, Automotive Lighting, Auto Part, Windshield, Automotive Tire


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