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Durk enjoys sledding around the house and showing off his dance skills. He likes to wiggle his tail feather and gets really wild when you tell him to do the Durk-a-poo. He’s beyond the most cutest Frenchie he’s so smart to be 6 months old and love able as if he is a baby.



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Jane K.
Jane K. Durk is very handsome ❤️Awesome v day picture 💘💘would you like to exchange votes with Rambo 😻😻
Clare S.
Clare S. what a gentleman! i love it 😂🥰 vote for vote?
Evelyn B.
Evelyn B. Done
Meghan C.
Meghan C. So darn cute!
Evelyn B.
Evelyn B. Check out his Vday photo your heart will melt