562nd World and 12th South Carolina ranking in the Dog's contest which ended a month ago.
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Hey y’all! This is Cyrus. He is loving, goofy, and full of energy! He loves playing fetch, learning new tricks, and getting belly rubs. There is never a dull moment with this sweet boy. Thank you for your votes 🩵


Dog, Carnivore, Grass, Companion dog, Plant, Working Animal, Dog breed, Lawn, Herding Dog, Tail, Groundcover, Grassland, Guard Dog, Working Dog, Terrestrial Animal, German Shepherd Dog, Canidae
Dog, Sky, Carnivore, Dog breed, Tree, Grass, Cloud, Herding Dog, Companion dog, Working Animal, Tail, Plant, Canidae, Terrestrial Animal, Working Dog, Liver, Guard Dog, Grassland, Non-sporting Group
Snow, Dog, Dog breed, Carnivore, Snout, Winter, Tail, Working Animal, Whiskers, Freezing, Black Norwegian Elkhound, Terrestrial Animal, Furry friends, Canidae, Working Dog, Paw, Electric Blue, Borador, Non-sporting Group
Dog, Snow, Dog breed, Carnivore, Snout, Freezing, Winter, Terrestrial Animal, Canidae, Furry friends, Tail, Working Animal, Electric Blue, Working Dog, Herding Dog, Canis, Non-sporting Group


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