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She is my best friend, she is also my diabetic service dog.She almost 9 years old ! Loves gecko hunting ! This will help so much for her monthly medical bills. She is currently on allergie shots monthly and has hyperthyroidism which consists of monthly medications. Thanks to my vet Dr. Alec Katz s...



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Inès I.
Inès I. Hello, would you be interested in an exchange of votes 10 or 20/days Sovita
Ptitfee B.
Ptitfee B. Hellooo Beautifull Leila🐕🦄🔥🍀 ARE You interested by votes advanced to return to. Dexter on May 2024 🐕🦄🔥🍀🍀🍀💯?
Cindy S.
Cindy S. Love her picture! I will definitely vote for her
Marcella L. Jenkins Wells
Marcella L. Jenkins Wells Congrats
Maria S
Maria S So cute!! I love her! ;(
Blank Jacqueline B 10 votes fait pour Leila le 19/11 de Ramboer
Jacqueline B.
Jacqueline B. Jacqueline Buffo 10 votes fait pour Leila le 17/18/11 de Ramboer
Sophakna N.
Sophakna N. Hi, would you like vote Exchange Amelia
Gabe R
Gabe R Hi would you like to exchange for Gabriel we are able to do up to +40
Blank Jacqueline B 10 votes fait pour Leila le 16/11 de Ramboer