1650th World and 10th Maine ranking in the Dog's contest which ended a month ago.

A loving playful boy


Dog, Plant, Carnivore, Dog breed, Grass, Liver, Working Animal, Fawn, Companion dog, Groundcover, Terrestrial Animal, Snout, Wrinkle, Grassland, People In Nature, Whiskers, Molosser, Canidae, Art
Comfort, Jaw, Dog, Carnivore, Sculpture, Human Leg, Companion dog, Dog breed, Foot, Terrestrial Animal, Art, Seabird, Cloud, Marine Mammal, Linens, Barefoot, Tail, Elbow, Statue, Knee
Dog, Working Animal, Art, Wood, Carnivore, Fawn, Sculpture, Terrestrial Animal, Hat, Metal, Font, Pack Animal, Toy, Helmet, Visual Arts, Camel, Illustration, Carving


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