Contest over
1451st World and 50th Pennsylvania ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 2 months ago.

She’s such an amazing dog, loves walks and kisses


Dog, Carnivore, Liver, Dog breed, Companion dog, Snout, Water Dog, Terrier, Wood, Window, Furry friends, Working Animal, Toy Dog, Canidae, Small Terrier, Labradoodle, Hardwood, Puppy, Cockapoo
Dog, Dog breed, Liver, Carnivore, Companion dog, Fawn, Toy Dog, Snout, Working Animal, Terrier, Furry friends, Dog Supply, Canidae, Yorkipoo, Small Terrier, Ingredient, Non-sporting Group, Puppy
Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Liver, Companion dog, Working Animal, Toy Dog, Snout, Dog Collar, Terrier, Poodle, Water Dog, Furry friends, Wrinkle, Small Terrier, Canidae, Toy, Labradoodle, Maltepoo
Dog, Dog breed, Blue, Carnivore, Comfort, Liver, Companion dog, Fawn, Snout, Cloud, Spaniel, Canidae, Electric Blue, Furry friends, Tail, Toy Dog, Wood, Terrier, Nap
Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Felidae, Fawn, Companion dog, Comfort, Whiskers, Toy Dog, Terrier, Wood, Small Terrier, Furry friends, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Liver, Australian Terrier, Canidae, Tail, Yorkshire Terrier


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