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2443rd World and 99th Florida ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 11 days ago.

Bella will be 11 this June. Two years ago diagnosed with Addison's diseae and 5 months ago CHF. She's my baby and my bestie too, and beautiful. Please vote as her treatments are costly and well worth her love.


Brown, Carnivore, Window, Liver, Wood, Dog breed, Working Animal, Felidae, Art, Terrestrial Animal, Tail, Sculpture, Metal, Furry friends, Pet Supply, Shadow, Canidae, Small To Medium-sized Cats
Dog, Dog breed, Carnivore, Liver, Companion dog, Snout, Working Animal, Terrier, Terrestrial Animal, Furry friends, Canidae, Spaniel, Puppy, Labradoodle
Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Liver, Fawn, Companion dog, Working Animal, Wood, Pet Supply, Snout, Terrier, Tail, Furry friends, Tile Flooring, Irish Terrier, Toy Dog, Small Terrier, Canidae


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