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😊Exchange Votes 🗳️ Luna is a 12 week old yellow lab, she loves her family so much and all her toys. She is the best addition to our family, sweetest little puppy. She would love if people would vote for her. 😁



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Trinity P.
Trinity P. would you like to exchange votes? 10 per day.... Kinslee
Trinity P.
Trinity P. I started voting !
Kaitlyn G.
Kaitlyn G. I did as well. Thank you!!
Trinity P.
Trinity P. 10/10 done
Kaitlyn G.
Kaitlyn G. Am I doing the baby picture one or your dog lol I got confused and then started voting on both. I’m getting ready to start voting again. I was at baseball practice.
Trinity P.
Trinity P. Baby one!
Trinity P.
Trinity P. 10:10’done
Trinity P.
Trinity P. 10/10 done!
Trinity P.
Trinity P. 10/10 done!
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