Contest over
4274th World and 137th Ohio ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 11 days ago.


Plant, Sky, People In Nature, Nature, Tree, Branch, Hat, Wood, Sun Hat, Leisure, Happy, Recreation, Trunk, Grass, Asphalt, Fun, Road Surface, Landscape, Adventure, Extreme Sport
Cloud, Sky, People In Nature, Tree, Grass, Happy, Asphalt, Grassland, Landscape, Plain, Horizon, Tints And Shades, Road, Recreation, Sunset, Fun, Soil, Prairie, Leisure, Meteorological Phenomenon
Dog, Carnivore, Collar, Dog breed, Working Animal, Dog Collar, Snout, Plant, Canidae, Dog Supply, Tree, Recreation, Guard Dog, Companion dog, Working Dog, Tail, Borador, Herding Dog, Adventure
Sky, Cloud, Dog, Wheel, Carnivore, Tire, Tree, Bicycle Helmet, Dog breed, Helmet, Grass, People In Nature, Fawn, Automotive Tire, Happy, Recreation, Landscape, Cycling, Grassland, Personal Protective Equipment


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