444th World and 19th Texas ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 16 days ago.
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He's loveable, friendly a huge fan of running and meeting new friends at the dog park. Love's to pose for pic's and to be cuddly with his dads. He's also a rescued dog, who rescued his dads and fill him with lots of love, fun, and pampering at the dog spa. His bronze color eyes will memorize you and...


Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Fawn, Companion dog, Chest, Trunk, Elbow, Canidae, Human Leg, Wrist, Barechested, Abdomen, Room, Working Animal, Knee, Comfort, Thigh, Flesh


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Kelly T.
Kelly T. This is my sweet GodPup! He’s a Texan pup with so much love and energy! We appreciate all votes🐾❤️
Robert R.
Robert R. Our son, you're looking handsome, and love ya.