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Husky · Walker

Contest over
1119th World and 27th Louisiana ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 11 days ago.

My name is Odin. I’m a fifteen month old Siberian Husky. I love to play chase and wrestle with my girl, Freyja. I’ll do anything for a treat. 😊 I’ve been in another contest before called America’s Favorite Pet, and I placed 17th in my group 😒 I’m also featured in a calendar called 2023’s Sympath...



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Tracy G.
Tracy G. Handsome Odin will get my next vote! ❤️
Robin S.
Robin S. Thank you, Tracy, and Panda Thank you!!! Panda Bear will get mine.
Robin S.
Robin S. Odin is the greatest dog! He lays at my feet, and if I go into another room, when I come out, Odin is waiting by the door. He is a blessing to our family! 😍💕❤️