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1103rd World and 34th Michigan ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 5 days ago.

BellaDonna is a sweet loving dog, she loves toys, other dogs and kids she enjoys attention. She loves making new friends and playing outdoors.♡


Brown, Fawn, Snout, Terrestrial Animal, Soil, Concrete
Wood, Tree, Fun, House, Plant, Leisure
Brown, Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Wood, Plant, Tree, Working Animal, Fawn, Liver, Snout, Companion dog, Terrestrial Animal, Grass, Whiskers, Canidae, Hound, Scent Hound, Forest
Dog, Dog breed, Carnivore, Working Animal, Whiskers, Companion dog, Fawn, Grass, Liver, Snout, Dog Supply, Terrestrial Animal, Leisure, Canidae, Collar, Comfort, Guard Dog, Wrinkle, Labrador Retriever
Dog, Ear, Dog breed, Carnivore, Fawn, Whiskers, Snout, Working Animal, Companion dog, Comfort, Suidae, Furry friends, Peach, Chest, Domestic Pig, Toy, Terrestrial Animal, Toy Dog, Canidae


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