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Yorkshire Terrier · Fall River

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Hi! My name is Brady & I will be coming up on my 17th Birthday in Jan. My mama loves to dress me, snuggle and take me on long walks. My daddy is my favorite person in the whole world. He makes sure I get all the loves & anything I need. My doctors say I am blind and have kidney disease. I say, “I ha...



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Crapa P.
Crapa P. Hi, are you interested in exchanging 10 votes a day with Pacha ? Pacha 😉😉
Kymberlee H.
Kymberlee H. Go Brady!
Nancy S.
Nancy S. Hey Brady, hope my 3000 votes will help you win. You're the man!!!!!! Good luck
Cheryl B.
Cheryl B. I just felt like lounging. Why not? I am almost 17! 🐶🐾