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Labrador Retriever · York Haven

Contest over
1727th World and 45th Pennsylvania ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 12 hours ago.

Max is a wonderful pup. he loves to play ball with my neighbors labradoodle he also loves water and loves to go down to the creak. He loves being a shop dog when hes with my dad but then he loves to be lover to



My profile
Devin J.
Devin J. Hey Stephanie! Beautiful pup you've got :) Any chance of getting your support with votes for my little guy?? Id be more than happy to return the favor if you enter another contest Pepper Jack
Mario S.
Mario S. Hello max would you like to exchange daily 40 with Spidey Aka Spider
Kathy L.
Kathy L. Hello exchange 20 30 40 50 + Émilie thank you
Cortney C.
Cortney C. Would you be interested in vote exchange for Sophia can do 20 per day. Let me know 😊
Chachaone Exchange?
Sophia H.
Sophia H. Your dog is soo cute
Aryon G.
Aryon G. Omg I love your dog... how old is he?
Stephanie G.
Stephanie G. Hes five months old