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Savana L.
Savana L. Would you be interested in exchanging votes ?
Valérie A.
Valérie A. 👋 Hello👋. Would you like to participate in an exchange or advance of votes to help us during our contest that will start on June 22nd? Théa 👧 will compete for a donation to the Restos du Coeur Théa This objective, which is close to our hearts, requires serious and reliable partners in their exchanges, as we are in our advances and voting.😉 Please give your answer, even negative, if you wish to contribute to helping the Restos du Coeur through this contest. For our organization, we ask for your maximum possible number of votes and your link ON THE WALL OF Thea please. DON’T VOTE NOW😉.Thanks a lot for your attention🥰. 👧 Théa
Mygalovirus hello, would you be interested in advance votes to be returned to Shalimar Et Snøvann in June. We can do 150/300/500/800/1000/1500/2000. I await your response even if it is negative under this post. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.😊😊