Rico Lee, chihuahua - Dog Photo Contest
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Rico Lee

Chihuahua · Spokane

196th World and 7th Washington ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 150 votes

This boy is the love of my life. I took this when he was a puppy with so much spirit and love for people. It kills me to say, but my boy was recently diagnosed with full blown heart disease. So, now he gets everything I can give him before his journey here is over. Dogs are truly angels and Rico lit...



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Michelle W.
Michelle W. You can vote up to 10x's a day for your cutie. Every 10 minutes. Work on as many achievements throughout. I sincerely hope you enter this little cutie again. 💓
Christiane L. M.
Christiane L. M. 10votes par jour???Rudy .lady
Dawn W.
Dawn W. Add 2 more photos , unlocks achievement votes
Dawn W.
Dawn W. Im in ❤