Appa, pomeranian - Dog Photo Contest
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Pomeranian · American Canyon

46th World and 1st California ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $100 + 1000 votes
84 €

My family got his name from the movie "Avatar the last Air bender". Like the flying Bison Appa is loved by everyone. He is a very sociable and a very happy dog.



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Gisèle G.
Gisèle G. Hi Janine, do you still have an opening for a serious exchange with Kos ? If so, how many can you return each day ? Thanks for your reply on our wall.
Gisèle G.
Gisèle G. Here are 5 votes to be returned to Kos if you accept the trade. If not, please consider them as gift for Appa. Thank you
Janine L.
Janine L. thank you so much!
Océane B.
Océane B. I'm advancing votes, are you interested? They will be due when Swanah 🎀 will be in competition again from November 18, 2021 😊 Can I suggest 200, 300 or 400 votes? thanks in advance Ps: answer me, on my wall giving me the number of votes you want and don't forget to leave me your link thank you: D
Janine L.
Janine L. Thank you Josephine!❤️
Josephine W.
Josephine W. Everyone must vote for this dog! 😊
Mark S.
Mark S. Cute dog
James H
James H Hello an exchange votes 10 to 50 per day if yes reply to my page thank you Frimousse
Natasha T.
Natasha T. So cute!! Would you like to exchange 10 or 20 a day for Poppy? I vote same amount for your contest Poppy
Janine L.
Janine L. Sure ☺️
Janine L.
Janine L. Just shared 150 votes for Poppy!
Janine L.
Janine L. First time having a pet dog! Never a dull moment with my Appa!