Millie, cavalier king charles spaniel - Dog Photo Contest
707th World and 16th Georgia ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 22 days ago.

I am about 7months old I am a funny love playing going on walks and cuddling with you


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Dog, Toy, Liver, Carnivore, Dog breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Fawn, Companion dog, King Charles Spaniel, Snout, Spaniel, Comfort, Dog Supply, Toy Dog, Working Animal, Stuffed Toy, Furry friends, Pet Supply, Terrestrial Animal


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Millie J.
Millie J. that is a cute dog
Stacey H.
Stacey H. Omgoodness so cute
Dawn W.
Dawn W. Oh my goodness so gorgeous. Add more photos please at least 4 to open achievement votes. Please ..❤💖
Anna J.
Anna J. That might be the cutest dog ever