Remi, german shorthaired pointer - Dog Photo Contest
68th World and 2nd Ohio ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 2 months ago.
Prizes won: $50 + 400 votes
64 €

Hi, Im Remi and I am a shorthaired pointer. My mom was fostering my sister and I and just fell in love with me. Now my mom is a foster fail and I have a permanent home!


Dog, Eyes, Dog breed, Carnivore, Working Animal, Whiskers, Canidae, Companion dog, Furry friends, Terrestrial Animal, Borador, Black & White, Collar
Eyes, Dog, Carnivore, Dog breed, Whiskers, Companion dog, Fawn, Collar, Working Animal, Snout, Black & White, Dog Collar, Canidae, Monochrome, Furry friends, Street dog, Selfie, Puppy, Non-sporting Group
Dog, Gas, Snout, Working Animal, Concrete, Companion dog, Metal, Dog breed, Soil, Asphalt, Terrestrial Animal, Road Surface, Art, Light Fixture, Wood, Non-sporting Group


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