Ellie Blue, german shepherd - Dog Photo Contest
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Ellie Blue

German Shepherd · Battle Creek

8th World and 1st Michigan ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 2 months ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
367 €

Ellie is an adventurous girl, with a mischievous streak! She has three older brothers in the home: An Aussie mix, a chiweenie, and a Yorkie. She loves playing with all of them. She likes going on hikes in the woods, and she wants the world to know ball is life!



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Laurent B.
Laurent B. ok pour 10 échange Woody
Bonnie M. H.
Bonnie M. H. Kara Hello, interested in exchanging 10 votes daily?
Tiffany B. A.
Tiffany B. A. Sure!
Bonnie M. H.
Bonnie M. H. Thank you! Beautiful girl! How does she like the snow?
Tiffany B. A.
Tiffany B. A. She loves it! Good luck to your little girl! She’s adorable!
Bonnie M. H.
Bonnie M. H. 11/2 completed
Bonnie M. H.
Bonnie M. H. 11/3 completed
Dominique Mathieu
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