Tyson, american bully - Dog Photo Contest
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American Bully · Dracut

2nd World and 1st Massachusetts ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $500 + 1000 votes
3726 €

Tyson is the most people loving puppy anyone has ever met. Sweetest and cutest dog. He loves attention and he loves kids!🥰



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Michelle W.
Michelle W. OMG laughing and loving new photos. Tyson is somewhat of daredevil. Trying to figure out How he managed top of car. Had to be a harlious
Michelle W.
Michelle W. Site when you seen him. Sweet puppy as well. He is most definitely well loved family member ❤
Shayla J.
Shayla J. Exchange votes? Paisley
Shayla J.
Shayla J. Write on my wall.
Michelle W.
Michelle W. I voted for Paisley 4 days in a row hope that helped. Didnt realize you also had this beautiful baby in dog pageant. I cant vote on my phone for anyone else on my phone for some goofy reason. I can vote for Beast, my baby boy, but it give me stupid relpy that need to secure my account with email are phone number. I secured my account with my Facebook when started. Want let me change nothing. I can vote on other contests like for Paisly, but not on pageant dog. So I use my husband's phone. Dont have anyone else in any of these other places only my baby "Beast".
Michelle W.
Michelle W. I remember commenting on your photo of reflection in the car. Beautiful fur baby. Love over look of a big sweet baby. Black and white dogs is what draws me in. Yet I do just love all dogs. I can see in their eyes a lot of times the pure sweet unconditional love they have.
Team V.
Team V. The dog in 3rd and 5th will purchase in the last 1/2 hr. They will steal it from you. That's the only way they can win
Viviana G.
Viviana G. How?
Michelle W.
Michelle W. Thsnk you. I have been writing down now everyday the top 5 dogs in world and states comparing changes daily. Thanl you
Mary Stout
Mary Stout Congratulations on 2nd. What an ending.
Michelle M.
Michelle M. Hey! Congratulations 🎉 just wanted to say you put up a good fight ha! Tyson is adorable ❤️🐶
Kristina R.
Kristina R. Votes for votes Timur Arya
Taylor T.
Taylor T. Votes for votes?
Chavon N.
Chavon N. Votes for votes Alyssa
Dayla Jean
Dayla Jean ♥️
Audrey B.
Audrey B. Bonjour, accepteriez vous un échange de 40 votes par jour ? Merci 😊 Kiara
Audrey B.
Audrey B. 🙏🙏🙏
Janhaelle F.
Janhaelle F. Bonjour échanges de votes avec Jahnaelle merci de répondre sur son mur
Chantal C.
Chantal C. Bonjour, un échange sérieux de 10/j avec Kalou ?? une petite réponse sur sa page, merci
Brianna C.
Brianna C. What a chunkster! Love him.
Marie-julie B.
Marie-julie B. Hello my name is jahlys I registered on baybee contest for children I’m looking for world to vote for me thank you Jahlys
Kiley S.
Kiley S. Would you be interested in exchanging votes with Cooper ?
Vanessa B.
Vanessa B. Hello, Tyson is so cuuute 😍😍😍 I have a Bully too 😍 Would you like an advance from Loompa to return in March? 😊
Vanessa B.
Vanessa B. Dollar my bully, he love kids too 😍😍😍
Loula L.
Loula L. Hi Echange 50 for 50 Khadidja
Ani S.
Ani S. Would you like to exchange 10 votes per today Rocco 🤩🐾🐾
Kellie M.
Kellie M. Who would like to exchange 10 or 20 votes per day?
Lydia G.
Lydia G. hello, would you be interested in an exchange of 10 or 20 votes per day? Caramel Loulou