Obie, english mastiff - Dog Photo Contest
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English Mastiff · West Baden Springs

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300 votes
401st World and 12th Indiana ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 4 days ago.

Hi! My name is Obaron but everyone calls me Obie. I had a hard start in lif but with the love of my sissy and my family I am now growing strong. I love play fights with my sister! I love to chew on sticks and boots and my sister. I love food! Any kind of food works for me.( ice cubes, carrots, apple...



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Molly P.
Molly P. Finished your 10 votes today! Again tomorrow?
Molly P.
Molly P. I’ve been voting for Obie, please return the favor Ruby
Emily P.
Emily P. Will do
Molly P.
Molly P. thanks!!
Molly P.
Molly P. Your puppy is ADORABLE!! Exchange votes?