Mabel, pitt bull terrier - Dog Photo Contest
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Pitt Bull Terrier · Aliquippa

115th World and 9th Pennsylvania ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 5 months ago.

Mabel is a pit bull, husky, lab mix who is just 2.5 months old! She loves being snuggled, chewing on tags and leaves in the yard, and looking at herself in the mirror! She has blue eyes and 1 special white paw. Please vote for our fur baby!



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Corinne A.
Corinne A. 10 de Pumba 🎁🎁
Libbie G.
Libbie G. She is so pretty! She has grown considerably! 💕
Tina R.
Tina R. Such sweetness 💞
Trish W. D.
Trish W. D. I love her