Cooper, goldendoodle - Dog Photo Contest
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Goldendoodle · Riverton

357th World and 4th Utah ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.

My name is Cooper but you can call me mini coop! I love to play with my soccer ball toy and I love water bottles. Everyone always tells me how cute I am and how soft I am but all I notice is how clumsy I am. I have ran into the kitchen island, tripped off the curb, gotten stuck in the soccer net, an...



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Lise C.
Lise C. Hello exchange with Roméo
Julie G.
Julie G. Since it is two days later and no response that means u are not interested in my offer. So I must move on and good luck in this contest. ❤️
Julie G.
Julie G. I completed the ten votes yesterday in hope that u would respond today about my offer. If u do decide to vote for my friend Preeb I will finish up the ten votes today. I wish u luck in the contest. ❤️
Julie G.
Julie G. I am helping a friend with votes and her name is, Preeb I will be giving u ten votes a day till the end of the contest, could u do the same with the ten votes a day? Good luck in the contest.
Tina L
Tina L Exchange Votes 10/10 For Mercy