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Snout, Canidae, Wing, Whiskers


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1662nd World and 21st Connecticut ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 8 months ago.

Achilles is an American Eskimo Dog that loves to talk to his hoomans, smile, and run in circles. What else is there to life?


Dog, Canidae, Puppy, Dog breed, Carnivore, Companion dog, Old English Sheepdog, Non-sporting Group
Dog, Dog breed, Canidae, Skin, Head, Puppy, Nose, Companion dog, West Highland White Terrier, Carnivore, Snout, Ear, Puppy love, Rare Breed (dog), Terrier, Ancient Dog Breeds, Toy Dog, Non-sporting Group
Snout, Canidae, Wing, Whiskers


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Joanne B.
Joanne B. He is perfect!!!