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Border Collie · Whitman

1787th World and 37th Massachusetts ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 6 days ago.

Hi there! My name is Freya💖 I am almost 12 weeks old and I was named after the Norse Goddess of Love because I have two hearts on me with all my cow spots!! 🐮 I am a rescue so My mom did a DNA 🧬 Test! Turns out I am 50% Border Collie 37% Am Staff Terrier and 13% Rottweiler!!! Who knew!! I love ...



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Julie G.
Julie G. I decided to give u all 10 votes for being to cute, good luck to u, ❤️
Julie G.
Julie G. I had extra votes so gave it to this cutie pie. ❤️
Cici W.
Cici W. She's definitely a unique pitbull mix, what a beautiful combination! She is absolutely gorgeous!! So adorable!! ❤❤
Freyasmom Thank you!