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1225th World and 89th Texas ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a year ago.

Hello! I’m Gigi! I’m obsessed with my bunny and I love cuddling my humans💗



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Linda C.
Linda C. 06/30+10💜💛Miss Ava Belle
Linda C.
Linda C. 06/29+10 votes 💜💛Miss Ava Belle
Linda C.
Linda C. See ya tommorrow, Good Luck!!
Linda C.
Linda C. 06/28+19💜💛Miss Ava Belle
Linda C.
Linda C. If you have any questions, let me know..I had to ask and a Beautiful Woman from Missouri helped me
Linda C.
Linda C.
Linda C. Voting...after committing votes, I have 10..Sending the Love to you♥️😊
Margaret D.
Margaret D. Exchange 10/10 Juno ?
Margaret D.
Margaret D. 98 !
Randy B.
Randy B. Aw!! beautiful Gigi
Jasmine T.
Jasmine T. So cute ! Exchange with Cookie
Kaylee C.
Kaylee C. gigi is beautiful!!! ❤️
Heather V.
Heather V. Your puppy is adorable💖💖
Amy N.
Amy N. Awwww cute babyyy!!!! ❤️
Gigi T.
Gigi T. Hope I’ve brightened your day💗