Jade, australian shepherd - Dog Photo Contest
483rd World and 15th New York ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a year ago.
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I just the happiest waggiest baby. I woof everyone. I like to eat leaves, pine cones, and my kitty sisters poop! Yum. Hiking, kayaking, and car rides are da best! Vote for me 🥰


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My profile
Keira P.
Keira P. so cute
Jill K.
Jill K. My Beautful Girl!!!!
Cici W.
Cici W. Do you mind if I ask what camera did you use for this picture of your pup?
Jennifer A.
Jennifer A. i just used my iphone on portrait mode 😊
Cici W.
Cici W. Wow well you did a great job 😉
Jennifer A.
Jennifer A. Thank you! She’s very vegetable motivated 😂
Cici W.
Cici W. 😂😊