Zukko, french bulldog - Dog Photo Contest
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French Bulldog · Lockport

133rd World and 5th Illinois ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a year ago.
22 €

Zukko is the sweetest, toughest, and prettiest boy! He loves to play, eat, and snuggle in our neck! Another High Dessert Mini Frenchie beauty!



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Marilyne F.
Marilyne F. ECHANGE 10 ? Nonome
Miguel D.
Miguel D. Hello exchange vote 10 for 10?Owen Et Oslo
Lydie D. P.
Lydie D. P. bjr echange de vote? Lenny
Gigi T.
Gigi T. Zukko is EVERYTHING😍 I’m obsessed
Francezcaparkr Such a cutie pie. ❤️
Muffie P.
Muffie P. Precious Pup
Patricia P. P.
Patricia P. P. So cute ❤❤
Viv 10/10 https://bidiboo.com/5838723218645588/
Viv 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lewis L.
Lewis L. Beautiful
Jeff Y.
Jeff Y. Omy god i want one
Carrie B. P.
Carrie B. P. 😁😁😁
Roxy D.
Roxy D. Go Zukko
Leah M.
Leah M. zukko is my boyyy
Misty J.
Misty J. He is the cutest