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Chihuahua · Fayetteville

463rd World and 13th North Carolina ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 4 months ago.

Gizmo is 15wks and Loves to play! He weighs in at 3.0lbs!!! He is a lover and a snuggle bug, he loves to go for rides, go shopping and hang out with his humans. Gizmo is a special boy. I lost my 14yr old chihuahua due to a heart condition and I was able to find the same breeder and get this little c...



My profile
Tina C.
Tina C. He looks alot like my masked bandit Tic-Tac 😉
Tate Moody
Tate Moody A fellow NC pup! So adorable!
Sarah P.
Sarah P. Blue is beautiful!!
Tate Moody
Tate Moody Please consider voting for Blue
Shaye M.
Shaye M. He is just too adorable 💙
Mikel P.
Mikel P. Wonder little baby
Chandler S.
Chandler S. Oh no. My heart has become a puddle
Branden K.
Branden K. Love this dog!
Crystal C.
Crystal C. He is so cute!! ❤️
Sarah P.
Sarah P. This Is Gizmo Mogwai Pontious 💙💙
Krista P.
Krista P. Adorable Puppy!