Obee finished 4316th in the Dog’s contest which ended 5 months ago.

My best friend is my pet fox who I have had since I very first came home. I love chicken and any dog treat that you are willing to give to me. I’ll lick the inside of your nose to show you how much I love you, and cuddle you to sleep.


Canidae, Dog, Puppy, Dog breed, Companion dog, Carnivore, Papillon, Shih Tzu, Puppy love
Dog, Dog breed, Canidae, Puppy, Toy Fox Terrier, Snout, Carnivore, Miniature Fox Terrier, Companion dog, Rat Terrier, Chihuahua, Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz, Chilean Fox Terrier, Corgi-chihuahua, Tenterfield Terrier, Puppy love, Danish Swedish Farmdog


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