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Rosie finished 2877th in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.

Rosie is a Maltese/ yorkie mix she is super playful and loves to goof around! Did you vote for her? Thx😆



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Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. Rosie is Adorable ❤️🥰❣️❣️ would you like to exchange 10 votes with me daily?Amelia
Jessica L.
Jessica L. I would love too❤️ But I would love help on how to exchange votes because I am new🥰
Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. If you click on the link with my daughter's name,, it will take you to her page and you can cast your vote. You can vote up to 10 times a day for free but unfortunately you have to wait 10 minutes in between each vote.
Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. Bidiboo has about 9 different pagnant platforms. You are given 40 free votes that you can use on each platform. So technically speaking 9 platforms x 4 people or animals you can vote for x 10 times each = 360 votes you could get everyday if people agree to exchange 10 votes with you daily. Sometime people are able to do more.