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635th World and 12th Alabama ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 5 months ago.

Daisy is hands down the best furbaby I've ever had. She loves my husband and I equally. She actually splits her time with us. Mine in the mornings, his in the evening! She is so smart also. She has learned to communicate exactly what she wants. She's an amazing big sister and has taught Lacey so muc...



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Samantha H.
Samantha H. I love this dog! She is so smart and has so much personality!
Tamber C.
Tamber C. Such a beautiful girl love her name too good luck to her
Sabrina D.
Sabrina D. Such a sweet baby!! 1 vote wasn’t enough for that adorable baby of yours, so I added 400 more votes, best of luck to that sweet baby girl of yours! ❤️❤️
Dusty S.
Dusty S. Omgosh!! You shouldn't have done that!! Thank you!!❤❤
Tmichelle D.
Tmichelle D. So cute🌼