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Other · Peoria

1137th World and 20th Arizona ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a year ago.

Hi I’m Lexi! I am a Australian Cattle-dog mixed with a Belgian Malinois. I was rescued by my parents from the humane society when I was 6 months. Now I’m living a wonderful life chasing lizards and stealing all the blankets!



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Audrey D.
Audrey D. Hello change 10 or 20? Keylian
Ann E.
Ann E. 1🎁
Coralie M.
Coralie M. Hello 20/20 or 10/10 vote swap? Lady
Angel B.
Angel B. plz vote for Olaf! BTW, I love ur dog! So cute!
Alexa M.
Alexa M. i have an Australian Cattle dog too! that’s so cool. their both in the competition too:)
Steph A.
Steph A. Vote done! Return the favor please ❤️