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Bulldog · Brentwood

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453rd World and 19th New York ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 4 days ago.

ZUCC loves massages! I give him one every night before he goes to sleep. He also loves his bed. He never jumps on the furniture ever~ He's so polite and gentle. He loves PEOPLE! :) <3



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Nikita A.
Nikita A. + 10 le 26/10 Daytonna
Nikita A.
Nikita A. + 10 le 27/10 🥰Daytonna
Nikita A.
Nikita A. +10 le 28/10
Whitney V.
Whitney V. he is so cute!!! 🥺💛
Diane D.
Diane D. He's such a sweet, gentle boy! ❤️