Dog Beagle: traits, characteristics and origin

Beagles have been depicted in popular culture since Elizabethan times in literature and paintings, and more recently in film, television, and comic books. Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts has been promoted as "the world's most famous beagle"!


CategoryUp to 50 lbs
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Other namesEnglish Beagle

The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the hound group, it is similar in appearance to the foxhound, but smaller with shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, deer, and other small game. They have a great sense of smell and tracking instinct that sees them employed as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world. Beagles are intelligent but single-minded, and popular pets because of their size, even temper, and lack of inherited health problems.


Dogs of similar size and purpose to the modern Beagle can be traced in Ancient Greece back to around the 5th century BC. As purebred dogs, Beagles have always been more popular in the United States and Canada than in their native country England!


The Beagle has an even temper and gentle disposition. Described in several breed standards as "merry", they are amiable and typically neither aggressive nor timid, although this depends on the individual. They enjoy company, and although they may initially be standoffish with strangers, they are easily won over. Beagles are intelligent but, as a result of being bred for the long chase, are single-minded and determined, which can make them hard to train. Beagles are excellent with children and this is one of the reasons they have become popular family pets, but they are pack animals, and can be prone to separation anxiety.


Having a Beagle dog can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Beagles are incredibly friendly and loyal companions. They are also incredibly smart and easy to train, so you can teach them all the tricks you want. Beagles are also known for their sweet and gentle personalities, making them great family pets. Beagles require lots of exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Make sure you take your Beagle for daily walks and play with them regularly. Beagles love to explore and sniff, so make sure to give them plenty of time to do so. Beagles are also known for being quite vocal, so it’s important to train them to bark only when necessary. If your Beagle is barking excessively, try to figure out why and address the issue. Finally, Beagles need lots of love and attention. Spend quality time with your Beagle and make sure they know they are loved and appreciated. With the right care and attention, your Beagle will be a loyal and loving companion for years to come.


Hunting dog, detection dog, Family pets

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