The Drever is a small, lovable breed of dog that originated in Sweden. It is a short-legged, long-bodied hound with a broad head, short muzzle, and large, floppy ears. It has a thick, double coat of fur that comes in a variety of colors, including black and tan, brown, black, and white. The Drever is an intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dog that loves to be around people. It is an excellent watchdog and loves to hunt, making it an ideal companion for active families. It is also an adaptable dog that can thrive in both rural and urban settings. The Drever is a great choice for families who want a loyal and loving companion that is also a great hunter and watchdog.


The Drever is a breed of dog that is known for its small size and its loyalty. This breed has been around since the late 1800s and is a popular pet around the world. The Drever is a medium-sized dog that stands between 12 and 15 inches tall and weighs between 18 and 24 pounds. Their coats are short and dense, and can be found in a variety of colors such as black and white, red, and tan. The Drever is a great family pet, and is known for being friendly and loyal. The Drever has a muscular body, and its legs are strong and sturdy. It has a long, pointed muzzle and its ears are triangular in shape. Its eyes are dark and its tail is usually carried high. The Drever has a strong, straight back, and its chest is deep and wide. The Drever is an active dog that loves to run and play. It is also a great watchdog, and will alert its owners to any intruders. It is important to keep the Drever exercised and stimulated, as it can become bored easily. Overall, the Drever is a great breed for those who want a small, loyal, and active companion. They are relatively easy to care for, and make great family pets. They are also known for being good with children and other animals.


The Drever is a medium-sized breed of hunting hound originating from Sweden. It is a relatively new breed, having only been developed in the early 20th century. The breed was developed by crossing the short-legged Swedish Hound with the Westphalian Dachsbracke, a type of German hound. The Drever is a well-balanced, hardy breed that is known for its keen sense of smell. The breed is often used for tracking, hunting and trailing game animals, and is now popular in many countries, including Sweden, Finland and Germany. The Drever is a loyal and affectionate breed that is known for its intelligence and independent nature. The breed is also known for its strong sense of smell, which makes it an excellent tracking and hunting companion. The breed is also known for its good temperament and ability to adapt to different environments. The Drever is a medium-sized breed, with a height of 18-22 inches and a weight of 30-60 pounds. The breed has a short, thick coat that is usually black, brown, or yellow in color. The breed has a strong, muscular build and a long tail. The Drever is an active breed that requires regular daily exercise. The breed is also known for its stamina and endurance, and is an excellent jogging or hiking companion. The breed is also known for its good hunting and tracking abilities, and is often used for hunting wild boar and other game animals. The Drever is an adaptable breed that is well-suited to both rural and urban environments. The breed is also known for its loyalty and affectionate nature, making it an excellent family pet. The breed is also known for its intelligence and independent nature, which makes it an excellent hunting or tracking companion.


The Drever is a breed of hunting dog that is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and endurance. This breed is a popular choice for hunters and those who love the outdoors. They are known for their strong will and a desire to please their owners. The Drever is an active and alert breed that is capable of working for long hours. They have a strong desire to please their master and are eager to learn new commands and tricks. They also have a strong sense of smell and are great at scenting out game. The Drever is a calm and confident breed that is well-suited for family life. They can be quite independent and will enjoy being given tasks to do. They are also quite tolerant of children and make excellent family companions. The Drever is a loyal and devoted breed that will bond closely with its family. They are known to be very affectionate and loving, and will form close relationships with their owners. This breed is also known for its protective nature, and will alert its family to any potential danger. Overall, the Drever is a hardworking, loyal, and intelligent breed that is well-suited for active outdoor lifestyles. They are a great choice for those looking for an intelligent, loyal, and devoted companion. This breed is sure to be a great addition to any family.


When considering a Drever, it's important to remember that they are a working breed, so they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. It's also important to train them early and consistently, as they can be stubborn and independent. Drevers are highly intelligent and can be quite willful, so an experienced owner is best. To ensure a healthy and happy Drever, provide them with plenty of exercise. A daily walk, or even better, a run, will help to keep them fit and content. Drevers also enjoy activities such as agility, tracking, and scent work, which can help to keep their minds sharp and engaged. When it comes to training, positive reinforcement is the key. Drevers are quick learners and respond best to reward-based methods. Consistency is also important, as Drevers can be independent and may try to take control of the situation if not kept in check. Finally, it's important to socialize your Drever properly. Introduce them to new people and environments in a positive way, and make sure they are comfortable around other animals. With the right care and training, a Drever can be a loyal and loving companion.

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